Public Notices

AEP Notice of Intent legal
Drainage Assessment Increase Hearing Andrews Watershed
City of Decatur Savings Contract
AC Community School Annual Financial Report 2018
South Adams Schools Annual Financial Report 2018
Drug Court Claims 8-10-18
Adams County EMA Legal Notice
LEPC Legal Notice
Berne Plan Commission Courtyard Lakes
AC Plan Commission filed by Joe Troyer
Notice of Proposed Telecommunications Tower Telecom
AC Plan Commission Stoppenhagen Subdivision
Notice of Administration Norman D McCollum
Claims Filed for Drug Court 7-27-18
Notice of Administration William L Morris
Notice of Hearing toIncrease Maintenance Assessments of the Andrews Watershed
Notice of Administration Jerry Leon Nussbaum
City of Berne Petition to Vacate a Portion of an Alley
Notice of Administration Jean E Hildebrand
Drug Court Claims Filed for Consideration 7-13-18