Public Notices

Proposed Lease South Adams School notice of hearing
City of Berne Resolution 2022-5-1
City of Berne Salt Bids 2023
Berne Redevelopment Commission 5-11-22
Notice of Administration Mary M Flueckiger
Adams County Plan Commission 5-6-22
Adams County Board of Zoning Appeals 5-6-22
Town of Geneva USDA public hearing 5-9-22
Notice of Administration Orlando W Sprunger Estate
SA Additional Appropriations 5-18
Berne Plan Commission Public Hearing 4-22
Notice of Administration Elmer A Hilty
Adams County Plan Commission 4-8
Adams County Board of Zoning Appeals 4-8-22
Adams County Plan Commission 3-4
Adams County Board of Zoning Appeals 3-4
Notice of Suit Marlin L Hunnicutt
Kirkland Township cash and investment combined statement
City of Berne CSO Community Notification 2022
Adams County Cash and Investments