Public Notices

AC Plan Commission Joe and Levi Wickey Subdivision
Geneva Civil Town 2020 Budget
Notice of Administration Joe Brown
South Adams School Capital Projects
South Adams School Bus Replacemant
Drug Court Claims Filed 8-23-19
South Adams School Annual Financial Report 2018
City of Berne Public Hearing Phase 1 LTCP Improvements
Notice of Hearing to Increase Maintenance Assessments Smith Shoemaker
Adams Central Community Schools Annual Financial Report 2018
Drug Court Claims Filed 8-9-2019
Notice of Administration Barbara J. Wiegmann
Notice of Administration Donald E Coons
AC Commissioners Notice of Public Meeting
AC Plan Commission Design Committee Merkel Subdivision
AC Board of Zoning Appeals filed by Penny herman
AC Plan Commission Schwartz dog kennel
Adams Central Community Schools Collective Bargaining
Drug Court Claims Filed 7-26-2019
French Township Additional Appropriations