Public Notices

Notice to taxpayers of Additional Appropriations 9-3
Adams County Plan Commission 9-3
Adams County Board of Zoning Appeals 9-3
Adams County Real Property Tax Sale 2021
AC Commissioners dump truck
AC Commissioners tandem axle
South Adams Schools Annual Financial Report 2020
Adams Central Community Schools Annual Financial Report 2020
Notice of Admin Elmer MIller 8-6
Adams Central Community Schools Tennis Court Notice to Bidders
Adams County Commissioners Notice to Bidders 7-23
Adams Central Community Schools Additional Appropriations 7-30
Notice of Administration 7-30
Adams County Additional Appropriations 7-30
Adams County Plan Commission 7-2
Adams County Zoning Appeals public hearing 7-2
Additional Appropriations 7-2-21
Berne Plan Commission variance request Amstutz 6-25
Adams County Commissioners notice to bidders 6-25-21
City of Berne Common Council Public Notice 6-16