Public Notices

Berne Civil City 2019 Budget Estimate
AC Plan Commission Confined Feeding Operation
AC Board of Zoning Appeals Bontrager
Adams Central Community Schools 2019 Proposed Bus Replacement
AC Plan Commission Feasel Subdivision
AC Community Schools Capital Projects
Notice of Hearing to Increase Maintenance Assessments Yoder Watershed
Design Committee of the AC Plan Commission Applications
Notice of Administration Brice F Sheets
Adams County Real Property Tax Sale
SA Schools 2019 Proposed Bus Replacement
SA Schools Capital Projects 2019 proposed
Drug Court Claims 8-24-2018
Berne Zoning Bord of Appeals filed by Smith Brothers of Berne
City of Berne existing State Revolving Fund
AEP Notice of Intent legal
Drainage Assessment Increase Hearing Andrews Watershed
City of Decatur Savings Contract
AC Community School Annual Financial Report 2018
South Adams Schools Annual Financial Report 2018