Public Notices

City of Berne Advertisement for bids dump truck
Drug Court Claims filed 8-28-20
Adams County Plan Commission 8-28
City of Berne Amending Water Deposit Ordinance 727
Drug Court Claims filed 8-17-20
City of Decatur Meadows at Cross Creek
SA Annual Financial Report 8-14
Notice of Admin Darrol C Smitley
City of Decatur Plan Commission Public Hearing 8-7
Adams County Board of Zoning Appeals Shell & Klenk-Williard
French Township Additional Appropriations7-31
Adams County Plan Commission plat approvals
City of Decatur Bids for Demo of Former Evergreen Apts
Drug Court Claims Filed 7-31
Board of Commissioners Ordinance 2020-8
Berne Zoning Board of Appeals Bear Brothers Real Estate
City of Decatur Board of Zoning Appeals 7-24-20
City of Decatur Plan Commission 7-24-20
City of Decatur Board of Public Works and Safety
City of Berne Water Utility Ordinance 726