The Sound of Music

Swiss Days this year saw the return of the Swiss Days musical featuring The Sound of Music directed by Jill Baker and choreographed by Trisha Moser with musical direction by Dawn Cook. Filling the roles of the von Trapp family were Cody and Alexis Cramer, Lauren McKean, Cole Hyman, Lola Sprunger, Walker Keim, Gracie Moser and Sophie and Sienna Cramer. Max Detweiler was brought to life by Floyd Liechty with Tara Steffen transforming into Baroness Elsa Schraeder. Frau Schmidt and Franz were performed by Mackenzie Wilson and Camden Hyman, respectively. Mother Abbess was performed by Rhonda Lehman. Filling the role of nuns and other chorus members were Jessica Coblentz, Grace Lehman, Becca Amstutz, Linda Keller, Maegon Harkless, Anna Leyse, Abby Lehman, Trisha Moser and Manda Arnold. Nazis were performed by Don Inniger, Seth Sprunger, Andy Lehman, Eric Moser and Rex Myers.
Photos by Cora Baker

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