Shrek The Musical

South Adams high school and middle school students performed Shrek The Musical Friday, March 11 and Saturday, March 12 for their annual spring musical. Students who participated include Camden Hyman, Meredith Sprunger, Grace Barkley, Cole Hyman, Vivian O’Dell, Malina Mawhorr, Conner Hyman, Izzy Sprunger, Cora Baker, Julia Arnold, Nia Litwiller, Stella McIntire, Lilly Patterson, Leah Summersett, Kalle Trausch, Paige Selimovic, Michelle Sandoval, Jodie Neuenschwander, Autumn Bradburn, Brooklyn Green, Sami Bertsch, Josh Sanders, Avery Wilson, Julianne Schwartz, Ladan Lehman, Aliyah Trausch, Eli Habegger, London Warner, Alex Stutzman, Tyiler Keller and Josh Sanders. Many of these individuals played multiple roles helping bring to life a variety of characters.

Photos by Manda Arnold

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