Public Notices

Notice of Hearing on proposed Rates and Charges for the Town of Monroe Municipal Water Works
Notice of Request for Qualification for Progressive Design Build Contract for South Adams Schools
Notice to Taxpayers of Additional Appropriations Monroe Township 7-26-17
Ordinance No 693 Regulation of traffic within the City of Berne
City of Berne Advertisement for Bids for a Street Sweeper
Notice of Final Report in Estate Florine Fluckiger
Public Notice to Adjoining Land Owners Construction of the FBB site
IDEM hazardous waste closure plan
Claims Filed for consideration by the Judge of the Adams County Drug Court 7-7-2017
Adams County Assessor Sealed bids for annual trending and related services
Adams County Additional Appropriations in excess of the budget for the current year 6-30
ACSWMD Farm Lease
Berne Zoning Board of Appeals Variance Request filed by Jon W Lehman
Ordinance No 689 to authorize and regulate the disposal of solid waste at the city garage
Berne Plan Commission Petition for a sub division for Robert and Betty Reinhard
Town of Monroe proposed increase current revenues for the Water Department
Town of Monroe Proposed Cumulative Capital Development Fund
Claims filed for consideration by the Judge of the Adams County Drug Court 6-9-2017
Ordinance amending portions of the Adams County Land Use Ordinance No 2017-8
Adams County Commissioners will open sealed bids for Bridge No B-139