Public Notices

City of Berne redevelopment property to MAFCO Leasing LLC
Adams County Board of Zoning Appeals Variance C-2018-08 filed
Adams County Plan Commission rezoning filed by Rick Aschliman
St Mary’s Township Cash & Investments Combined Statement 2017
AC Commissioners Notice to Bidders replacement of Bridge No B-117
Drug Court Claims filed for consideration 3-28-18
Berne Plan Commission Plan PC 2018-1 filed by MLS Engineering for 2 apt complexes
South Adams Schools Annual Performance Report
Annual Performance Report Explanation
Adams Central Schools Annual Performance Report
Town of Geneva Notice of Adoption Fire Protection Expense
City of Berne consider additional appropriations
Adams County Auditor Notice to receive bids for bituminous products
Town of Geneva public hearing for financial assistance in purchasing a police vehicle
AC Plan Commission Public Hearing application filed by William D Girod
Public Hearing AC Board of Zoning Appeals Variance filed by Andrew J Schwartz
Town of Geneva receiving quotes for seasonal mowing, trimming, and spraying
City of Berne CSO Community Notification
Adams County Cash and Investments Combined Statements 2017
Town of Geneva Proposed Cumulative Fire Fund